Blue Heron CPAs is a CPA accounting firm that offers tax preparation, bookkeeping, tax consulting services and more!

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Blue Heron CPAs is not just your CPA accounting firm. We are a resource for your business, helping solve problems and developing business solutions that make businesses more money. As a CPA with business and tax consulting services, we help you grow your business and use accounting as the helpful tool to provide the right advice.
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From small business and start ups to retirement and wealth retention, we are here to help you. We focus on providing additional value to our customers along with traditional accounting and bookkeeping services. Our services include data visualization, individual and business tax preparation and advisory, and informational bookkeeping.

We work to make the tax preparation process less stressful and less complicated for you. Whether you are a retired individual or a full-time worker, we provide a helping hand with understanding your taxes. Our CPA Firm is happy to help you make better decisions through tax planning and being accessible when you have a question, even in the off-season.
We have a business consulting conversation about paying yourself in an S corporation, reasonable compensation and managing your basis.
“Hiring a tax professional to prepare your small business taxes is one of the best investments you can make. A qualified tax professional will have the knowledge and experience to help you save money on your taxes and avoid costly mistakes.” – The National Federation of Independent Business
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