Blue Heron CPAs is a CPA accounting firm that offers tax preparation, bookkeeping, tax consulting services and more!

Individual Tax Preparation

We work to make the tax preparation process less stressful and less complicated for you. Whether you are a retired individual or a full-time worker, we provide a helping hand with understanding your taxes. Our CPA Firm is happy to help you make better decisions through tax planning and being accessible when you have a question, even in the off-season.

In 2023, the IRS issued a press release that Taxpayers have unclaimed $1.5 billion in 2019 tax refunds.

This number does not reflect the amount of taxes filed where taxpayers were owed additional money from the IRS which they did not file for. Using a tax professional for tax preparation throughout the year is the best way to obtain the largest refund.

Pricing Plans

Ensuring accurate and timely tax preparation is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. Blue Heron CPA Firm simplifies tax preparation with its "choose you service" packages, catering to both virtual and in-person needs. The virtual package offers convenient remote support from CPAs for tax preparation, while the White Glove package provides in-person guidance from experienced CPAs. With Blue Heron CPA Firm's tailored tax preparation services, businesses and individuals can navigate the complexities of tax filing with confidence, ensuring compliance, and maximizing potential tax savings.
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Virtual * Excludes Businesses

$110/hr Tax Preparation Cost
Document Drop Off or Self Uploaded Documents
Fillable Online Organizer
Portal Access - Discussion Through Chat
Document Upload And Tax Return Copy Upload
Electronic Or Stop In Signature
Optional 30 Minute Final Consultation- Explaining Tax Return Screenshare
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White Glove 

 $110/hr Tax Preparation Cost
Opening Meeting (1 hour): Document Drop Off And Organizer Consultation
Organizer Filled Out With Blue Heron
Portal Access - Chats and Calls Available For Answers
Printed Return
In-Person Signature
Finalizing Meeting (30 mins) - Tax Return Explanation

Not All Tax Returns Are Created Equal

Tax Returns We File

Tax Preparation Process

Blue Heron CPAs tax preparation process is not a one-day process. We have invested in technology to gather information through an easy-to-use application called TaxDome, which we refer to as “Portal”, to make tax preparation more efficient. Each year, we actively develop our client experience to make tax preparation easier and less stressful. Blue Heron CPAs will never outsource the tax return preparation overseas.

You can drop off your tax documentation at our office, where we will scan and retain it. Alternatively, you can upload it online. We prefer new clients to sit with us so that we can better understand their situation. Once you have uploaded all of your documentation, we will prepare your tax return and use the Portal to communicate and clarify any questions. This way, you can respond on your own time.

To get started, “Schedule a Meeting” for a guided experience or “Signup for Services” for a "hands off" experience that gives you peace of mind.


Absolute dedication to choosing what is
right, honest, and responsible.


Being reliable through timeliness of
communication & accurate customer-focused service.


Uncomfortably pursuing information to
increase value provided to our community.


Identification and utilization of functional
technology in search of easy, more accurate process.


Unified through business to improve as a
common cause.

Customer Portal

Taxdome software for realtors
We have invested in software to make the customer experience easier and more efficient.

TaxDome is a secure communication platform developed to clients share important documents, stay up-to-date on deadlines, ask and answer questions in real time, and complete tax organizers.
Why We Use TaxDome

Business Accounting

quickbooks logo
We utilize Quickbooks Online for business accounting services. Businesses with significant expenses and revenues must utilize Quickbooks Online or another accounting software to provide Profit and Loss along with Balance Sheets.
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